Reviews of Lessons in Censorship

Joan Wallach Scott in The Nation

"a compelling case . . . for the importance of according students free speech not only as a constitutional right, but also as  a vital democratic practice . . . . trenchant analysis and . . . chilling examples show teachers and principals cowed by the protests of parents . . . and jealous of their ability  to impose rules."

Joan Wallach Scott, professor emerita, Institute for Advanced Study, School of Social Science, in The Nation

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First Amendment News, Concurring Opinions by Ronald K.L. Collins:

“The Evils of Caretaker Tyranny—Reflections on Catherine Ross’ ‘Lessons in Censorship,’" December 7, 2015

"It is a mind-opening book, . . .It is a revealing book about judicially sanctioned censorship. . .  It is a plan for instructive action. . . And it is a call to liberty. . .  Lessons in Censorship . . . should be read and discussed by school officials at all levels of education [and] pored over by school board officials and lawyers . . . it is too important to be left to academics."

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The Family Law Quarterly:

a masterful legal history . . . and a powerful argument for policies that respect the Constitution, public schools, children, and their parents . . . . School administrators, parents, and students –and courts- should, after reading the book, have the guidance they need to find the appropriate balance between maintaining order and respecting speech.

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The Conversation

"Every student, parent, teacher and principal should read - and heed - the lessons about the First Amendment rights of students in this terrific and timely book."

Glenn C. Altschuler, Thomas and Dorothy Litwin Professor of American Studies and Dean of the School of continuing Education and Summer Sessions, Cornell University 

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The Student Press Law Center:

Ignorance and Insanity: A Conversation on First Amendment rights in schools, by Corey Conner, November 10, 2015

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Conversation with Gene Policinski at the Newseum:

Stephen Wermiel, Paul Smith, Robert Corn-Revere and Catherine Ross


  • Texas Public Radio, The Source: Balancing Freedom Of Speech And Maintaining Order
  • SPLC Podcast: Students' First Amendment Rights in Schools. Catherine Ross is interviewed by Frank LoMonte, Director Student Press Law Center December 17, 2015

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